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I am going to give you the choice i never had.

I keep to myself. i am a shepherd and i do my best not to be a sheep. i don't follow the crowd i sit in the middle looking for the one.
In the midst of the chaos as they run i stay and watch it unfold before them. when their is a soul in need i help it even if i am doing no good i seek to comfort and ease the pain. when others are asleep i wake them. when they weep i dry their tears. when life is hard i try to help them put a smile on. i think nothing of myself and i enjoy it. i only enjoy giving to others and even if its my last dollar and i need it to eat for the day it is still given to them. none shall go hungry around me for i feed them my fresh food while i eat the leftovers. when i speak to those who would rather **** pillage plunder and subjugate they speak to the crowd as if i am a fool but the few who see are the ones who will follow me. And after doing all this i am still chained and shackled and beaten until my skin bruises black and my bones break and i am on the cusp of giving up.....but then, just then i find hope and strength and then muster the courage to stand tall and smile at my opposers not strike them down they will do this to them selves. i don't know why or how but this is who and what i am this is all i know of me and i assume this is all i will ever be so i have grown to accept it and use it and turn it into my power and it trumps all far.

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